Conflict Resolution: Family Owned Business

This successful family owned business was troubled by a rift stemming from the mother's dissatisfaction. Once a critical cog in the system when the business was set up, she was now no longer required; the business had since grown and become fully staffed by employees. She was no longer consulted on business issues and in her eyes, no longer valued.

No longer happy at home, the MD took refuge at work. This had a knock on effect on their eldest child in the business, their son; he needed his father to take a back seat so that he could drive the business forward under his own steam. A secondary problem existed between their son and daughter who was also in the business; they had very different values. As a result of the various dysfunctional dynamics a pressure cooker situation emerged both at work and at home.

The Prutton Partnership was appointed to help resolve the situation. Over a number of days, Kisane Prutton spent time with each key member of the family and of the business's management team. Through in depth interviewing, she was able to see why people were upset, hurt and angry. With the aid of personality tests she was able to demonstrate to the siblings that they had very different ways of working, neither right nor wrong, merely opposing and seemingly incompatible; this helped depersonalise the conflict. The Prutton Partnership was able to help the family structure a way forward that addressed each person's individual needs, concerns and desires. The family were supported in developing mutual respect for each other and effect a change that enabled both siblings to fulfil their personal ambitions and rebuild their relationship.