Conflict Resolution

We talk to the parties on a one-to-one basis, in private and in confidence. This may take place over a couple of days or weeks. The earlier this occurs in the history of the conflict, the better. This early intervention helps avoid a formal grievance from being raised.
It is critical to tackle problems early in order to avoid escalation and going beyond the point of no return.

We help the individuals reflect on what has been happening, understand why they feel the way they do and look at strategies to resolve the issues. We do this in a low-key, non-adversarial way; action orientated but no blue-lights. The only urgency is to resolve the problem; the process is not constrained by deadlines or threats of an impending court hearing. We will keep you the lawyer abreast of progress and will brief appropriate stakeholders in the client organisation, perhaps the line managers, whilst respecting confidentiality.
Our aim is to intervene early enough so that we:

  • Avoid the problem escalating
  • Help isolate the dispute and prevent others on the periphery from being dragged into it
  • Help the parties to rebuild their working relationship and their trust in each other
  • Avoid job loss