Satisfaction and Well-Being: Case Study

This government department had been running an annual employee attitude survey for a number of years. However the information provided by the survey did not sufficiently address the issues of employee well-being directly enough. Kisane Prutton was brought in to see to what extent the survey could be adapted to meet its new remit, without either making the survey too long and without losing existing questions that provided useful year on year data. During an initial research phase, best practice information on employee-well being measures were sourced. A set of questions were designed and piloted before being embedded in the new questionnaire. She then trained members of the survey team in focus group design and facilitation skills. The idea being that they could get more detailed information by unpacking the results of the survey department by department and asking participants for their thoughts on what was going on. This combination of year on year survey data and qualitative data from departmental employees, provided departmental heads with detailed information to take action.