Service to Employment Lawyers

We operate in the space between the Employment Lawyer, the guardian of the law and HR, the implementers and monitors of personnel systems. We understand why people are not square pegs, why they are unpredictable and mercurial. We excel in situations where there is ambiguity, where it is not clear who is in the right or who is in the wrong.

We enable your firm to offer your client an operational solution when conventional legal advice is not practical enough.

We are able to help both the employee and the employer. We work at a deeper level of understanding. Through one-to-one sessions, in private and in confidence, we address not just the presenting issues, but people’s covert concerns and needs; we are able to help redress misunderstandings, build respect and create a landscape where people can carry on working together, without loss of face. Furthermore, our process provides organisational information to enable the employer make necessary changes to the workplace and to guard against future conflict.