Team Development: Case Study

This team was spread over a number of sites and a new head of department wanted to rally the team and ensure they were ready for high performance under new leadership. The Prutton Partnership was brought in to facilitate a team-build. Prior to the event people were asked to complete the Team Climate Inventory, a questionnaire which measures people’s perceptions of how well their team functions.

Using the diagnostic data from the survey, The Prutton Partnership was able to design an event that met their individual and collective needs. A consultant from The Prutton Partnership acted as facilitator and was able to observe the team dynamics and reflect back to the group some of the more covert issues that people were having difficulty expressing. A subsequent exercise formally explored what helped and hindered the team’s performance. The outputs from these exercises were used to articulate the team’s values and provided a shared language and shared set of expectations to guide the team’s interpersonal and task related behaviours. The interventions served to bind the team together, improve efficiency, effectiveness and morale.