Coaching: Case Study

The CEO of this company was concerned about one of his MDs. He was relatively new and was causing upset amongst his team. To the CEO, the MD fulfilled his brief, a results-orientated operator, with general management experience and a track record in logistics. To his team, the MD was blunt to the point of being aggressive and his moods unpredictable. This was a sensitive situation which demanded a sensitive, yet pragmatic approach.

Following a meeting with Kisane Prutton from The Prutton Partnership the CEO suggested the MD might like to embark on a programme of personal development over a 6 month period. The CEO also suggested the MD might like to seek feedback from his team members in order to identify what exactly he needed to work on. The MD agreed to a 360 degree review, conducted by a process of confidential interview. This was particularly appealing in that it would shed light on his ‘blind spot’, that hypothetical area of self not known to us, but known to others. Feedback was anonymised and collated into broadly two headings, ‘perceptions of strengths’ and ‘perceptions of areas for development’ which were fed back to the MD. This balanced approach buffered the more critical comments concerning his interpersonal skills and management style.

Kisane then helped the MD create a development plan with short, medium and longer term goals. She then provided six coaching sessions to support the MD in his delivery of these goals.

A 3 month follow up demonstrated positive changes had occurred.