Formal Mediation: Case Study

Both the individuals in this dispute were valued members of staff. The claimant had a track record of being obtuse and this particular individual was upset over the other’s promotion. She felt the promotion was not warranted, based on the person’s ability; she was also angry that she had been overlooked for promotion. Her anger actually lay not with the other party, but with the company managers, who for a number of historic reasons had disappointed her; however, this was not evident to onlookers. On the surface this dispute seemed like a ‘clash of personalities’.

During a one-day mediation at the company premises, The Prutton Partnership was able to help both parties explore what was going on and why. Through in depth questioning, the underlying issues emerged, enabling the claimant to evaluate the efficacy of her current strategy and consider alternative ways of expressing her disquiet. The parties agreed on a plan of action and asked that it be conveyed to the management. As a result, the claimant agreed to drop the grievance and the management team were able to address some of the key issues of concern there and then.